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What Is The Unalome Symbol?


Growing up, I was sold the idea that the path is: go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, retire, and die. Now, having lived through several decades, I’ve discovered that life is much deeper and richer than that. Not everyone has the privilege of a formal education, however, one has many teachers in life. Throughout life, one will have many “jobs” with varying ranges of difficulties. Sometimes one goes through many partners just to finally find their soul mate later in life. Whatever we think is our linear plan for life usually never ends up the way we envision.

The Unalome is a Buddhist symbol that dates back to ancient times. Simple in design, yet complex in meaning, the Unalome symbol helps ground a person on their path to enlightenment. It is used as a spiritual path to depict one’s journey throughout life.

From birth to the twists and turns of life, the Unalome’s path leading ultimately to understanding and nirvana. Masculine and feminine energies can be interpreted by mirroring the symbol.

Visually, the symbol starts at the bottom, spiraling initially, then twisting, and finally straightening out.

Many depictions of the Unalome symbol layer other symbols into the design to embelish the definition and meaning, but the overall message is still the same: Trust your path and where life leads you.

Unalome Outfitters Black Single Line Logo
Unalome Outfitters Black Single Line Logo

When designing Unalome Outfitter’s logo, I wanted to combine both the traditional depiction as well as fuse aspects of my own interpretation of my Unalome. Starting at the bottom with the dot in the center of the spiral, I begin my life’s journey. I kept that aspect to represent one’s childhood and the many opportunities life changing events that might spiral a child’s life in circles.

Transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, I encountered a myriad of paths. Some paths were quickly deemed “not mine” while other paths seemed to take longer for me to realize that that wasn’t the path for me.

One of the main lessons I’ve learned along my path towards enlightenment (and depicted in my logo with the heart) is that while you have to learn to love and be kind to others, it is also important to love and be kind to yourself. Once that spiritual lesson is learned, we can gravitate closer towards nirvana.

I have a lot of growing still and the lotus designed into my logo provides a hint to the beauty that lies ahead in my life. The lessons and decisions I’ve made in the past shapes the petals of my lotus of enlightenment.

I’m looking forward to the growth of Unalome Outfitters and I’m excited to see what things come out of this shop!

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